Job application tips from recruiter: Tips to help you get more job interviews

Getting a job, passing an interview is no longer the same process as it was in the early 90’s, Everything has transformed to digital platform, at a very fast pace. Most companies are now obliged to use online platforms that go through artificial intelligence to select the candidates that qualify for certain specific career opportunities.

The internet of things, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, robots, etc. are all the building blocks of the 4th industrial revolution that aim to improve convenience in workplaces, which has got everyone anxious if they will lose their jobs, and the youth uncertain of which careers to choose because of the exponential rate at with this revolution is gradually developing, in this article we give your four tips to consider if you want your online/video application to be successful and show that you are fit to work in the 4th industrial revolution.

1. Choose a safe site to apply

Be aware of fake websites and fake posts! When looking for your first job/ career opportunity, you are more likely to take desperate measures, this includes risking your money and overall safety to win that job over. Fake websites and posts are created to target such desperate people, so it is important to pay careful attention on the career opportunities you apply for, are they legit? Is the site registered? And lastly you don’t need to pay to get a job or for your application to be successful. Safe job site: EE Candidates, Pnet, indeed.

2. Understand the Job description.

This will  not only ensure that you understand the role that the job expects you to fulfil but it will also assist you to anticipate the kind of questions that might give you the job if you answer perfectly and more importantly in video interview you will know the kind of keywords to use to stay on point.

3. Create a Winning CV.

Creating a CV is difficult, and to have the one that represents your professional self, you need to hire a professional or use websites that will offer you the right templates and it should focus on qualifications, experience, and achievements and how you will add value in the business and just a brief of who you are. EE candidates’ gives professional job seekers free CV reviews every Tuesday, to get access to this free resource register your CV here

4.  Research and use the right key words.

In a video interview you are given limited time to answer a question so it is very important to use the specific and common language that is used in that career field. Secondly as you speak the AI highlight the words that you use while you answer questions, try not to repeat or use words that will not add value to your answers more often and mention words that will match the job description and your skills.


Philile Mncube
Author: Philile Mncube

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