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Our Ai CV screening system score your CV against job specifications of the jobs you apply for. It improves your chance of getting interviews.

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Get free expert advice on how to upgrade your resume for various jobs. This is a completely free service.

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Get relevant job keywords used by machines of today to select top candidates' CVs and add them to your resume for better application results.

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The system is trusted and used by millions globally

Why Ai CV review

How many times have you applied for jobs online and received a quick rejection? For many people this is a everyday things. Companies today use automated systems to evaluate or screen CVs. If your CV doesn’t have certain keywords and experience it automatically gets rejected. 

We created this platform to help you get your CVs right for the online job application systems. Some time people lose job opportunities not because they lack the requirements, most of the times is the keyword and errors in the CVs.

How It work

  1. Sign-in or Register your CV on EE candidates
  2. Select a job profile you want to be assessed on. If it doesn’t exist on the list of job roles please send us an email so we can add it for you.
  3. Fill-in the form. Don’t cheat!
  4.  Upload your CV 
  5. Get the results sent to your email within 48 working hours
Should you need to practice for an online interview please feel free to ask our team to give you access to the interview preparation platform.